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There are more than a dozen sports and games that you can enjoy on an ACG Game Court. But if there is still something else you are interested in… 
Look no further---We have it!!!

Perhaps your site or budget can't quite fit a Multi-Sport option. More and more people are finding themselves drawn to yet another style of recreation.

Bocce Ball, Horseshoes and Croquet are internationally adored and might be just what the "Fun Doctor" ordered!

Our favorite Bocce Courts have been built for generations the traditional way, with the oyster shell and clay playing surface.

…your favorite beverage in one hand, a Bocce Ball in the other…
Sounds like my kind of work out!!!

The new revolution in Bocce surfaces embraces the best of ball rolling characteristics while eliminating the inevitable maintenance of the traditional surface. Similar to our highest quality nylon putting green turf, our synthetic Bocce surface offers these advantages:

• Superior, consistent ball speed and rolling characteristics

• "Weather-proof" construction technique-play all year,
   no rained out season!

• No seasonal or frequent grooming to prep the court,
  always ready to roll! 

• No attraction or disturbance from animals or pets 

• Does not promote growth of weeds or germination of wild seeds

• Won't track sand or clay onto patio or into house 

Horseshoes is an American tradition and can easily be incorporated into almost any backyard environment.

From a very simple design to a full scale layout, Horseshoes brings the family together for unlimited laughs and good times!

Croquet is a sport that brings together subtle skills and competition with a carefree "fun in the sun" attitude. 

A complete sport of its own, Croquet can also be expertly combined with a Putting Green installation to offer the best of both worlds and maximize your entertainment value!




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