“Frequently Asked Questions”


Can I call you for any of my sports interest?
Yes! We design and build recreation areas for almost any sport activity: Tennis, Basketball, Bocce, Volleyball, Putting Greens, Paddle Tennis, Shuffleboard, Horseshoes...you name it!

...and we find ourselves gravitating to the court for a few games of tennis or a little basketball nearly every evening...”

* * * * *

     “...after dinner we love entertaining our friends with a friendly game on our Bocce court or putting around on our beautiful green...”

What is the typical process like?
First we meet with you to determine your specific interests and design a general plan for your site. If additional improvements such as landscaping, drainage, site work, etc. are involved, we make sure you are informed of the scheduling and timing of all phases. 

Once construction begins, great care is taken to minimize the impact on your property and on your daily lives to ensure a pleasant experience. Regular updates are provided to monitor the progress and make any adjustments and improvements to the plan. Your input is always appreciated throughout the project.

“...Eric spent a great deal of time with us in determining 
the best size and placement of the court to suit our yard...”

* * * * *

“...finally, your cooperation and patience 
in working with our landscaper was invaluable...”

How long does the installation take?

Weather can sometimes be a factor, but most of our projects can be complete in just a few weeks.

“...he kept us informed of the construction schedule 
and worked to expedite the project. Beyond this, Eric was very patient and personable, and a pleasure to work with...” 

What quality of materials, workmanship and components can I expect?
With 30 years of experience, the attention to high quality results is our key to success. All of our components and materials are selected for their endurance and beauty. We know that our reputation is dependent on our customers’ satisfaction in the products and workmanship we provide and guarantee that you will be pleased. Our #1 goal is personal referrals from our clients.

“...After having built my own home, I am appreciative of the care 
and craftsmanship with which our court and retaining wall were constructed...”

* * * * *

“...Having just finished building a new home, I can say 
that of all the contractors and sub- contractors 
we’ve had on the job, Eric, your work was the most conscientious...”

* * * * *

“...the work was done with meticulousness...” 

* * * * *

“...Thanks again for a genuinely professional job...”

What type of surfaces do you offer?
The most popular surface on our asphalt tennis courts is the textured acrylic coating. This 5-layer application can be fine tuned to accommodate various “speeds” of play. 

Other synthetic surfaces are available for “suspended” or “cushioned” characteristics. Just ask for details! Our versatile multi-sport game courts typically include our patented “True Court” suspended surfacing and provide an extremely comfortable playing surface. 

For putting greens we offer a range of innovative underlayment options and synthetic turfs for many years of beauty and enjoyment.

Our Bocce courts are most often constructed with the traditional oyster shell and fire clay mix cherished by the old world enthusiasts.

All design details are tailored for your personal preferences and will be accommodated.

“...the surface is so comfortable and is still in such excellent shape, 
I know it will give us many more years of care-free enjoyment...”

* * * * *

“...our 8 - year old surface still looks like new and is 
just as responsive as when we played on it for the first time...”

Is it expensive?

Since we can provide a complete range of services, our pricing is very competitive! You will be pleased to see how affordable it really is to create a beautiful, fun-filled recreation environment. 

You will also be pleasantly surprised at the added value and appreciation that our installations bring to your property. Whether for the fun and enjoyment of your own family and friends now, or for the high resale appeal to any prospective future buyer, you will be making a wise investment in your most valuable asset, your home.

“...the court is beautiful and is a tremendous asset in improving the 
appearance and versatility in our back yard!...”

* * * * *

“...The completed project has been a pleasant surprise!
The addition of our court has greatly enhanced the
outdoor use of our home...”

What should I do now?

Simply call us at 707-480-4778 , or fill out the short information request form on this website and you will be contacted by the owner, Eric Stroud. Eric will answer any questions you have over the phone or online and will also offer to come out to your site for a free consultation and the chance for you to receive valuable insights into the designs and options available to you. 

“...I am well pleased on all counts and have no hesitation 
in recommending your court installation to anyone who enjoys outdoor 
recreation and wishes to enhance the value of their home...”

* * * * *

“...Our only regret in purchasing our court and working with Eric is 
that we didn’t do it sooner...”



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