“Custom Designed Putting Greens for a Serious Round
or Just Family Fun”


That's an 18 hole Putting Course above. Incredibly challenging,
surprisingly versatile and compact, plus it's refreshingly affordable!

Putting Greens, "Short Game" Greens & New "Putting Courses
Professional grade practice putting greens offer a priceless opportunity to refine your skills where it pays off the most. As a golf enthusiast himself, the owner takes a particular interest in the personality and uniqueness of each site profile and customer's goals.

Our Single Putting Green installations are designed with an impressive combination of adjustable speeds, compounding breaks, multiple tiers and drops, ridges, undulations, and… wait a minute, how about that elusive straight, flat 8 footer?... ok, we'll put that in too.

A variety of fringe heights and textures along with synthetic lawn options help to give your green installation the perfect finishing touches.

Short Game Greens are designed to offer a rare opportunity to practice medium to long distance chip shots. This specially designed system allows for high impact ball drops and natural bounce and roll characteristics without causing indentations in the green. Remote chipping tees can be provided at any location on your property.

Don't forget about the sand! Developing a consistent stroke that gets you out of the sand trap, on the first shot, and delivers your ball to a respectable distance from the pin is paramount to your success in the short game. We can design, into nearly any site, a bunker that will give you hours of necessary frustration and, hopefully, increasing moments of unbridled joy!

NEW! Putting Courses are a relatively unexplored world of golf entertainment and challenge. The owner has focused new light on the incredible diversity and unique feel of this design. 

Picture a large single green installation complete with a feature of grass or fringe surrounding it. That would be a wonderful improvement to any home recreational environment, right?

Take that same total area and give yourself the ability to play the near equivalent to a full round of golf…9 holes, even 18 holes with all the personality and challenge you can imagine. Of course, you won't have the long drives or fairway shots to work on, but the difference between: putting on a practice green to several different cups; or playing a round on your own Putting Course is like a whole new sport! 

Playing up to nine separate holes with multiple tee locations and multiple cup locations creates the diversity and complexity of up to an 18 hole round. Putting distances for each hole can be up to 50-60' and the design and shape of each hole could mean a hole-in-one is possible on some, while others may take a minimum of 2-3 shots to get to the pin!

Customize your Putting Course with subtle landscape features, personalized flags, lighted cup assemblies, adjustable green speeds, tee markers, even scorecards! 

Action Courts & Greens only offers the highest quality twisted weave nylon fiber synthetic turf for putting green, ensuring consistent ball response and speed in any direction. We also pay close attention to long term quality details like:

• Adding a reinforced steel plate system around the edge of each cup
  to prevent future depressions from developing

• Addressing drainage requirements at each cup location 

• Offering metal cup options to resist cracking from the impact of
  longer chip shots

• Designing an installation that provides you with the exact set of
  challenges and characteristics that you want to work on most

Let Action Courts & Greens build you a professional quality green that will bring years of ongoing training for the serious golfer while it offers delightful entertainment for family and friends. 

Fill out our online contact form and get ready to play! 



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